In a world where we are bombarded with airbrushing, buzz words and clever marketing it can be really confusing to know exactly what we should be doing to have clean, healthy skin.

Do I wipe the foreskin of a baby hippo clockwise on my skin three times a day? Do baby hippos even have a foreskin? What is a baby hippo even called?

To help you out we have compiled a list of 15 tips for clean, healthy skin starting with the TOP 3.

  1. Keep it clean – this means washing your pillow-case, make up brushes, phone, hands and hair regularly. These items accumulate makeup, dead skin and drool and love to share their nasties.


  1. Hydrate – I notice a huge difference in my skin when I am on one of my H2O benders. According to Lorinda Stutterd, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian from Health Management Dietitians, drinking plenty of water each day is essential to optimise the health of our entire body & skin. Water nourishes our digestive system & enhances nutrient absorption to preserve and repair the delicate tissue within our skin. Maintaining good hydration is also a key component in supporting our system to remove waste products and toxins that can otherwise build up and prevent us from achieving that beautiful glow.

It helps to carry a metal water bottle with you and set yourself a challenge to finish it and refill at different times of the day.


  1. Have a slumber party with your face – this means that if you are only going to do your skincare routine once a day, choose night-time. Cleanse your face in the shower to rid yourself of make-up and pollutants and apply your skincare straight after. It’s easier to ward off dryness at night than to reverse it the next day.


But wait there’s more!


  1. Wear sunscreen – not only to protect from sunburn but to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Remember the leathery sun-tan old lady from Something about Mary? Or how about Tan Mom? If you don’t remember google it then put sunscreen on.


  1. Moisturise – did you know that dry skin overproduces sebum (the oily stuff) to compensate. You may think you are stuck with oily skin for life but it could be as easy as applying a moisturizer. Want to know what kind of skin you have? Seek out a professional.


  1. Exfoliate – got blackheads? Dry, patchy skin? Use an exfoliater to refresh your skin and reset it ready for your skincare to do it’s job.


  1. Read the ingredients – did you know that your skin absorbs on average 64% of what you put on it? Check out the ingredients and consult Google if you aren’t sure of what something is. Trying to reduce the chemicals? Look for 100% natural – certified organic is even better as the ingredients have been verified by a third party.


  1. Your face stops at your boobs – don’t forget your neck and chest. You don’t want the face of a 25 year old and the chest of an 80 year old.


  1. Too much product came out when applying? Pop it on the backs of your hands. The backs of your hands are often forgotten and show ageing.


  1. Reduce stress – easier said than done but it could be as simple as taking a minute to breathe through your nose to calm anxiety, stress and your skin. It’s amazing what a couple of minutes of deep breathing can do to your mindset and your face.


  1. Be aware of the lean – I’m guilty of leaning on my hands all the time and touching your face is a big no-no. I’m actually leaning on my hands as I write this line. Damn it.


  1. Get your hormones under control and fix your gut. If you suspect any digestive issues or get hormonal acne see a professional like an Accredited Practicing Dietitian or Nutritionist to sort them out. Small changes and food swaps could fix you right up.


  1. Stop smoking. I mean duh. It’s bad all round for your health, the environment, people around you and ages you faster than an old grape sitting in the sun. See your doctor if you need assistance.


  1. On a budget? Ask for facial vouchers for birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries. Flying solo? Put a couple of bucks away each pay to reward yourself. Self -care is super important and the time out can not only help your skin but can help with your stress levels.


  1. Love and accept yourself. Accept that pimples, pores, lines and hairy faces are normal. We are bombarded with heavily edited images of perfect skin every day but this isn’t real life.

There is only one of YOU, so celebrate that.

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