About us

Our story

Reef Skincare was founded in Cairns, Queensland in 2019 by us; best friends & Jedi and Master.

Hi, we’re Mark and Sarah and we love what we’ve created. We both come from stuffy corporate finance backgrounds, where we’d had enough of the daily grind and set out to create a range of products that we could be proud of.

So you may find yourself asking: How do two people with these backgrounds find themselves developing and running their own Organic Skincare range? Good question! Sarah has spent thousands of dollars over the years chasing the Fountain of Youth and was becoming super interested in the idea of an uncomplicated, Reef Friendly, Animal Friendly, Certified Organic skincare product that ACTUALLY worked.

We also knew how lucky we were to live on the doorstep of one of the worlds true natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef and wanted to do our part in protecting it – and Reef Skincare was born from this ideal.

What we do

Our products are COSMOS certified in over 45 countries around the world, fully Aussie made and only use ingredients good enough to eat (disclaimer – please don’t eat our products, we put a lot of time and effort into them!).

Filled with anti-aging ingredients like Raspberry Seed oil and acne fighting Willow Bark Extract, they will have your skin looking smooth in no time at all. We are especially proud of the Low Sheen formulation in our moisturiser. After all, who wants to go about their day looking like they’ve just finished a marathon? Not us!!

We find it so personally gratifying to be able to support foundations that help protect the Great Barrier Reef and endeavour to support other small businesses wherever we can. We aim to produce a product that is environmentally friendly and only use manufacturers that share the same values.

In summary, we provide effortless beauty for the conscious consumer. Simple.