Are the products Australian-made?

Yep! The products are made in Australia using locally sourced ingredients.

Are the products vegan & cruelty-free?

Damn right. We are extremely proud to state our products are never tested on animals and are cruelty free.

Do your products contain fillers and artificial preservatives?

Nope. We only want to benefit your skin, which every ingredient in these products is designed to do.

Why use Certified Organic products?

We are all becoming more conscious consumers and care about what we put on our skin. The less chemicals the better – simple right?

A “certified organic” product must adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations governing not only all of the ingredients used in the products but the processes undertaken to produce– At Reef Skincare we love rules and that’s why we have chosen to certify using the COSMOS standard!
The COSMOS-standard is a cosmetic certification developed to internationally recognise natural and organic cosmetics. The “COSMetic Organic Standard” was officially launched in February 2011 and today is recognised in over 45 countries.

What’s with the expiry?

All skin and body care products are required by law to have an expiration date.

Our products have an 18 month expiration date from the date of manufacture.

Reef Skincare does not use any harmful preservatives, often used to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products. We only use natural-based preservatives that are globally approved by COSMOS.

To ensure best quality of use, it is important to ensure your Reef Skincare products are stored correctly—Keep it sealed when not in use, and out of direct heat & sunlight.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yep, even our postage bags are compostable. And did you know bio-degradable bubble wrap was a thing? You do now! Please think of the turtles and re-use or recycle.

When do I get my order?

Reef Skincare will endeavour to dispatch your order as soon as we receive it. If you have any concerns regarding your order, please email hello@reefskincare.com.au

What is your return policy?

Due to the risk of contamination we do not accept returns.

What payment options do you accept?

Stay safe online and use our secure Paypal platform.

Gift Cards

How do I check my balance?

Go to the CHECK BALANCE page and input the card number provided to you at purchase.


Can I purchase a Gift Card with a Gift Card?

Yes, if you want to pay it forward or use your remaining amount to purchase another gift card that is fine with us.

Where does my bonus amount get sent to?

The Bonus amount is automatically sent to the purchaser.

What is the expiry?

There is no expiry on our Gift Cards.

What is the minimum purchase?

Minimum purchase is $5.